Innovative optical technology that will add
accuracy and consistency to your golf game

You will be amazed at how well the real-time visual feedback will help you improve your golf game.

Train in Stealth Mode!
Steady Swing is so discreet that hardly anyone will notice you are using it!

Now you can convert your spare set of eyewear into one of the most effective Golf Training Aids available!

" Steady Swing has enabled me to make genuine improvement in my golf game. The visual feedback is very effective at helping me diagnose and self-correct my faults, and I really enjoy that all I need are my sunglasses to use it. Steady Swing has been a great investment in my game and I fully intend to keep using it for years to come."

Scott Everett


Why is a Steady Head one of the most important fundamentals in golf?

Golf requires an incredible level of accuracy and consistency for success. A 1.5 degree error
in club face angle at impact results in a missed 4 foot putt or a missed green at 150 yards.
This means your accuracy must be better than 99.6% correct for success!

Achieving this level of accuracy consistenly is virtually impossible when your game suffers from excessive head and posture movement. Professional golfers know this which is why they invest considerable effort in mastering "golf's one universal fundamental" ...Jack Nicklaus.

Steady Swing will help you master this core fundamental by providing you the most effective form of golf training available: Real-Time visual feedback during your swing!

Real-Time Visual Feedback will improve your golf game faster!

Research shows that golfers who train using Real-Time visual feedback improve more rapidly because they can monitor their swing motions in real time and make the needed corrections instantly. This is a proven training method used by top golfers worldwide.

The amazing visual effect produced by Steady Swing will give you the training benefits of real-time visual feedback and is guaranteed to help you eliminate excessive head and posture movement for increased accuracy, consistency, and lower scores!